My name is Fredrik Perman.
I’m an inventor and designer.

With 21 years of experience in the fields of product development, branding, and advertising, my specialty is bringing concepts from an idea into reality. This is where I really thrive.

From the early stages of an idea, it’s design and gradual development, through manufacturing and social media marketing. Then finally to market, via e-commerce, crowdfunding, or another modern online revenue stream. In today’s market, there are actually a lot of options. With the maker-revolution of inexpensive desktop 3D printers, laser cutters, rotary cutters and CNC’s (and all traditional workshop tools), a future of product self-sustainability can become reality very soon.

I founded The Product Farm 12 years ago, which now is known as one of the elite product design and development firms in Raleigh, NC. I’ve developed products for brands such as Yankee Candle, Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Novartis, and Staples. I have also launched several product lines of my own that have had viral retail success and been recognized internationally. 

I love to conceptualize, brainstorm and to create new things. Not just products, but also digital content, branding, graphics, and art. This is my passion and what I have dedicated my personal career towards. I enjoy building and maintaining technologies that increase by personal fabrication and design capabilities, such as 3D-printers, laser cutters, rotary cutters and CNC machines.

When I don’t upgrade my workshop, I build greenhouses, raised garden beds, ponds, and ecological systems. I’m a non-stop maker of all things and a jack of all trades.